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Above is Mirza, one of the first two students to receive a scholarship from the Doroteia Pathways Foundation.  Mirza was a top student in her elementary school, in spite of the fact that she had only recently moved to Belize, and spoke no English only two years earlier. (Schooling is in English in Belize, the only Latin American country in which English is the official language.)  Mirza now has graduated from high school and is supporting herself.

Other scholarship recipients include a young woman in a pre-med program in Belize, another college student, and about 16 high school students.  Our students attend Comprehensive High School in Belmopan, St. Andrews High School San Ignacio, some colleges and even a medical school in Guatemala.  Belmopan is about 20 miles for the village of St. Margaret's, and therefore the students must rise very early to catch the public bus to the capital.  They generally are waiting for the bus before 6 am, in order to be on time for school.  Bus fare is $3.00 per day round trip, which is quite expensive for most Belizeans.  

Someday it would be wonderful to be able to build a high school in the St. Margaret's region. For now, though, providing scholarships to enable students to attend school in Belmopan is a great benefit to these youngsters.

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