Doroteia Pathways Foundation

Medical Aid to Belize

In October of 2009, Doroteia, in collaboration with Project SAVE, sent a 20 foot shipping container of medical supplies and equipment to Belize.  Shown above are Robert Dresden and Peter Ratner, two of the volunteers who helped load the shipping container.  The supplies, which included wheel chairs, an exam table, IV poles, birthing kits, syringes, tubing, cases of liquid nutritional supplements, sutures, two suction machines for surgery, 6 nebulizers with medication, and numerous other items, were received with great joy and gratitude in Belize.  The supplies and equipment were distributed to two hospitals, two clinics, a search and rescue program, and a nursing home.  All the supplies and equipment had been donated by hospitals, clinics and doctors in California.  Most items were previously used, or out of date but still perfectly usable. Most or all of these items would have been simply discarded had they not been donated to Project SAVE (a project of Enloe Foundation) which collects medical supplies and makes them available for shipment all over the world to hospitals and clinics in desperate need of this type of help.

Because this shipment of medical equipment and supplies was so well received in Belize, and the continuing need so painfully apparent, Doroteia hopes to ship an additional container of medical supplies to Belize within the next six months.  The plan is that, if sufficient funds can be raised, the next container will be a 40 foot container.  It will be sent to Belize City and Punta Gorda, in the eastern part of Belize, since the first load was distributed in Belmopan and San Ignacio. 

Many volunteers in Chico gathered to load the October shipment. They had only about an hour and a half to load the container.  Luckily many of the volunteers were very experienced, and the loading went like clockwork.  Below, tired but happy volunteers pose with the full to the brim shipping container, ready to start its long journey to Belize by truck and ship.  It seemed impossible that everything would fit, but it did - well, almost everything.  On the far right is Janice Walker, director of Project SAVE. 

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